Friday, August 17, 2007

Indonesian Flag is Raised Today: Independence Day

Today, 17 August is a nation wide holiday for Indonesia. Red & White flag is everywhere. I saw this morning some elementary school have a flag raising ceremonials, in remembrance of the founding fathers flag raising at Proklamasi Street, Jakarta after declaring the nation independence. I did not take any picture this morning, although i bring along my camera with me. A pause. Just seeing people and the kampong decoration surrouding Bogor, West Java. Usually they dressed up their 'kampong' with colorful gate, many flags, newly painted fences. Today, I saw a bit less compared to previous years, i feel. Possibly, due to the economic pressure. Less purchasing power, i guess, after a new school year last June. (sure this was not due to recent global equity market and FX volatility). Nevertheless, i saw some creativity in celebrating the independence day still existed. In various way. Open-air stages for musical performance, dance, kids games, singing contest were some that I enjoyed today.
BTW, do they listen to the President SBY annual keynote address at the People Representative on August 16? I myself not.

Picture above was Indonesian flag, with the foreground those friendly faces of students of a rural elementary school in Sasaksaat, West Java. That's our nation Red and White flag. I went there sometime in December 2006. Sharing with you on this very moment. Independence.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Prelude

It was with unique tense when I start creating this blog. Wondering what need to be written as I have had a 'multiply' account already for my photographic journeys. Also registered as a member of on-line photography forum seems to be enough. But, human rarely feel enough. People do blogging. Why should not I try. A journal. Writing what i thought on pictures I created. Bad or good. That's will be this blog all about, i guess.

It was late afternoon. I took my family to one amongst Indonesian historical places. I pressed my camera shutter several time. This one is my favorite. One officer on duty we met in July 2007 at Gedung Perundingan Linggarjati, Kuningan, West Java, with our founding father Soekarno at the background. He has been working as a public servant guiding this museum's guests for more than 25 years. A government officer loyalist. I asked his name, but forgot to make any record of it and, i must apologized to myself: I forgot. I should bring my recorder next time.

On the next two days, our nation will be on her 62th anniversary. 17 August 1945. Long journey to a real independence for a better welfare for Indonesian people. Diversity in unity. We need that unity. Beating the number one enemy: corruption troops.