Friday, August 17, 2007

Indonesian Flag is Raised Today: Independence Day

Today, 17 August is a nation wide holiday for Indonesia. Red & White flag is everywhere. I saw this morning some elementary school have a flag raising ceremonials, in remembrance of the founding fathers flag raising at Proklamasi Street, Jakarta after declaring the nation independence. I did not take any picture this morning, although i bring along my camera with me. A pause. Just seeing people and the kampong decoration surrouding Bogor, West Java. Usually they dressed up their 'kampong' with colorful gate, many flags, newly painted fences. Today, I saw a bit less compared to previous years, i feel. Possibly, due to the economic pressure. Less purchasing power, i guess, after a new school year last June. (sure this was not due to recent global equity market and FX volatility). Nevertheless, i saw some creativity in celebrating the independence day still existed. In various way. Open-air stages for musical performance, dance, kids games, singing contest were some that I enjoyed today.
BTW, do they listen to the President SBY annual keynote address at the People Representative on August 16? I myself not.

Picture above was Indonesian flag, with the foreground those friendly faces of students of a rural elementary school in Sasaksaat, West Java. That's our nation Red and White flag. I went there sometime in December 2006. Sharing with you on this very moment. Independence.