Thursday, April 9, 2009

Inside Sidemen: A Celluloid Walk

A weekend walk with celluloid. The digital version has previously been posted at Its prologue has been quoted below.

One early morning drive to east of Bali after taking pictures for one of my staff wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu a night before. Destination Sidemen. Only Periplus book on Bali and internet info as a basis. Rizal certainly woke up earlier than me as he picked me up at 5:00AM. Heading Klungkung through the Ngurah Rai artery. Several stop by and asking passer by about our destination. Morning has broken when we finally arrived at Sidemen. Warungs were not opened yet, but we find one at last. A man was cleaning his warung when we parked the car. He smiled and the regularity followed. Two glasses of hot and sweet black tea. For me, with additional marlboro shots. We talked with the man, Pak Made, and short intro with his wife. Pak Made was very helpful, so helpful indeed as he finally guided us walking inside Sidemen, throughout the morning.

The three of us visited local traditional market, Pasar Sidemen. Followed by a short visit to one of the home industry, where Balinese Weaving was made by housewife, after their morning house works was completed. Our walk continued to a small family who made Arak Bali. In those three places, we met with people with their unique and honest hospitality. Humanity. Hoping that they continue to be like this. Even, when the time their areas' boutique hotel resort are completed (we saw brick were built, just a few meter down the place where they made Arak Bali), tourism and the resultant honey-money are coming.

Citishot comrade: Rizal I. Sjahid (

EOS 5D, 16-35mm and EOS 3, 50mm, Neopan 100, 12.5min at 17.5degCelsius.


Karolus Naga said...

beautiful capt'n ...

i should learn from you then, how to tame my ss100 ..

Bram Antareja said...

beautiful street foto // i Love it // Regards from Yogyakarta City, Indonesia //

Sayoga said...

saya suka sangat suka

Tito Zenko said...

Keren Mas Pur!